Why does water leaks in your air condition?

Air conditioning systems are common in houses and business establishments. This system often brings the much needed comfort to the occupants. Because of this, rest and relaxation was achieved and more productivity in the business.

Air conditioning systems are essential to most houses and businesses nowadays, because of the drastic change in the climate.  Unlike before, when air conditioning systems are used for luxury purposes only, but, today, it seems that it is a necessity.

However, it is not all good news, because sometimes, our AC will show symptoms of neglect and damages.  In this case, the first thing you need to do is switch it off and refrain from using it.  Have a professional check it first, to avoid more damage.  Remember, your AC is plug in to your electrical outlet.  To continue using it when it’s damaged may result to electrocution, fire or short circuit in the unit.  So, once you notice something un-usual from your AC, switch it off, unplug it from the outlet and call the technician.    This will keep you safe, your family and save your AC from total damage.

Why does your aircon leak water? One of the symptoms of a damage AC is water leaking from it.  You will start noticing water dripping in the floor and this is not a good picture.  Below I will be sharing with you some tips causes of water leakage in your AC with the help from AS aircon.

  1. Condenser drain is clogged. The process in air conditioning is taking out water vapor from the air and then it will be transformed into water.  It goes to the evaporator   then it goes to the drain.  If the drain happened to be clogged up of dirt or any foreign object, it will cause for the water to find another exit.  If the drain pipe is old and has cracks, water will drip there.
  2. Frozen coils. Another reason for water leaking in the AC is a frozen coil.  Seeing an ice in the evaporator coil is a major of concern, because it is a bad sign.  If you will keep on using it, your AC will be damage.

It may be caused by a leak in refrigerant coil and less airflow in the coil.

  1. Dirty and Damage Coils. Maybe a result of poor maintenance and in you AC.  Older AC may have a crack and dirty coils in it.  If you have ignored your AC for years now, this should be the time to have it checked.

Water leaking in your AC is a bad signed for your AC.  But, it still provides you a warning, that you must do something now. For a long time, since this unit was installed, you haven’t spent money for its maintenance. But, keeping things that way, is not the best attitude. You need to have a regular check up and spend a fortune, to make your AC last longer.  While if you ignore these things, you may not spend for maintenance, but, once your unit is damaged, it’s done and you may need to buy a new AC.

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