Differentiating Standard Aircon Servicing And Aircon Overhaul

Often times we heard the confusion of aircon owners about the standard aircon services versus aircon overhaul and we take our initiative to clarify these things for our valued audience and customers. Here are the questions that will be answered by aircon services from billy in this article:

What is the standard aircon servicing and how it differs with the service that we call aircon overhaul?

How often can you ask for these services for your aircon unit?

What are the expected results when you have these services?

To start with, below are our clarification on this issues, so check them out!

The Standard Aircon Servicing

The standard aircon servicing a.k.a the general services for aircon unit involves the regular cleaning and washing of the aircon unit. This is usually carried out as maintenance for an aircon unit which will take care of the unit so it can function at its best performance. Aircon owners are normally advised to have it on regular basis. For home usage, it needs to have a standard aircon service after and every three months of use while for commercial usage, we recommend having it every month to extend or prolong the lifespan of their air conditioner. It will also make the system’s cooling efficiency better with less power usage so by the end of the month, bills won’t be an added burden to the owner. With standard air conditioner services, leaks and early signs of aircon problems are being avoided so you can be assured that with regular standard aircon services, the aircon unit will be safe to use or will not cause any accident that could damage valuable properties.

The Aircon Overhaul

With aircon system at home, we can’t always assure that it is in good condition. Air conditioners are same with other home appliances and gadgets that we buy, they are all subject to worn out and damage over time. The only thing we can do is to take care of it properly by keeping it tidy and clean always but if the aircon unit is already old, we knew that there are certain problems that started to bother us like unpleasant odor, grime, and stubborn dirt from inaccessible portion or component part of the unit. With that, you need the aircon overhaul service.

This service may include dismantling of the parts of the air conditioner to thoroughly clean and troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes it also needs some pumping on the refrigerant and vacuuming to remove the contaminants. Sometimes the use of chemicals is being applied depending on the need of the aircon, but for normal cases, we will use only water. If the clogged is in bad state that is the time we will do chemical overhaul for the unit since this service is bit costly and will take time

The chemical overhaul, unlike the normal aircon overhaul, will also need a higher level of skill and experience person as it involves removing the coil unit, disassembling and putting it back together. For stubborn grime, dirt and build-up fungi on the unit, the chemical washing is done, usually; it is four to five times more costly than standard aircon servicing. If the issues of the aircon unit involve uncool air, ice formation, serious drips, and leaks, we recommend this service. Sometimes the need for a replacement for some electrical and mechanical parts of the aircon unit is needed. For other air conditioning services like aircon installation, you can also ask the airconditioning company or agency for more aircon review.

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