5 Signs That Tells an Air Conditioner Needs an Overhaul

Air conditioners are just like the other device and things we used in our daily lives. They are all subject to being damaged and needs some overhaul or repair. In fact, it is not difficult to tell if our air conditioners at home need an overhaul but for the sake of new air conditioner owner and those who get confused when to call for an overhaul professional service we have enlisted five common signs that tell an air conditioner needs an overhaul. Keep reading, and you will learn it below!

The Five Signs That Tells An Air Conditioning Unit Needs Overhaul:

If you observed and noticed any of the signs enlisted below, you would know that your air conditioner needs overhaul service.

  1. It Could Not Blow Cool Air

If you felt that the temperature of the place never gets any cooler despite when the air conditioner is turned ON, then you can tell that the air conditioner needs an overhaul. This condition often points out that there is a serious problem on the compressor. The compressor is the part where cool air is produced, and when it malfunctions or damaged, the air conditioning unit will be unable to produce sufficient cool air to make the place more comfortable.

  1. Different Temperature in Some Areas

If you had never changed the layout of the furniture and fixtures nor make renovations with the division in your home and you noticed that in some areas the temperature is cooler while some areas are not so cold, then this tells that there is a problem with the thermostat. In this case, you have to bring the air conditioner to the technician to fix it and you can also ask about the aircon checmical wash price.

  1. It Creates Odd Sound When Turned On

This is not the normal or usual sound that air conditioner made when you switched it on. This sound is more like rattling or grinding which would lead you to think that there is some damage inside and it needs an overhaul. Quite true, you are correct with your speculation and it may need some replacement on broken parts, and professional help can be of great to that.

  1. Unpleasant Smell From The Air Conditioner

Have you smelled a “burned out” odor coming from the air conditioning unit? This may be caused by some burned out wires and it needs an overhaul to check and repair the damage. Remember, trust only the certified air conditioning technician to do the job when it comes to overhauling since improper works can further damage the unit or harm properties.

  1. There Is A Leak!

The leak is the most problem with air conditioning unit. This can be caused by cracks or burst on some portion and parts of the air conditioner. Leaks can also lead to making the refrigerant escape into the air, which in result will create more trouble since if the refrigerant becomes too low the air conditioner will unable to cool the whole place just like how it can be before it leaked. In order to fix this, the air conditioning unit needs an overhaul. You can find out more by following their twitter.


Why does water leaks in your air condition?

Air conditioning systems are common in houses and business establishments. This system often brings the much needed comfort to the occupants. Because of this, rest and relaxation was achieved and more productivity in the business.

Air conditioning systems are essential to most houses and businesses nowadays, because of the drastic change in the climate.  Unlike before, when air conditioning systems are used for luxury purposes only, but, today, it seems that it is a necessity.

However, it is not all good news, because sometimes, our AC will show symptoms of neglect and damages.  In this case, the first thing you need to do is switch it off and refrain from using it.  Have a professional check it first, to avoid more damage.  Remember, your AC is plug in to your electrical outlet.  To continue using it when it’s damaged may result to electrocution, fire or short circuit in the unit.  So, once you notice something un-usual from your AC, switch it off, unplug it from the outlet and call the technician.    This will keep you safe, your family and save your AC from total damage.

Why does your aircon leak water? One of the symptoms of a damage AC is water leaking from it.  You will start noticing water dripping in the floor and this is not a good picture.  Below I will be sharing with you some tips causes of water leakage in your AC with the help from AS aircon.

  1. Condenser drain is clogged. The process in air conditioning is taking out water vapor from the air and then it will be transformed into water.  It goes to the evaporator   then it goes to the drain.  If the drain happened to be clogged up of dirt or any foreign object, it will cause for the water to find another exit.  If the drain pipe is old and has cracks, water will drip there.
  2. Frozen coils. Another reason for water leaking in the AC is a frozen coil.  Seeing an ice in the evaporator coil is a major of concern, because it is a bad sign.  If you will keep on using it, your AC will be damage.

It may be caused by a leak in refrigerant coil and less airflow in the coil.

  1. Dirty and Damage Coils. Maybe a result of poor maintenance and in you AC.  Older AC may have a crack and dirty coils in it.  If you have ignored your AC for years now, this should be the time to have it checked.

Water leaking in your AC is a bad signed for your AC.  But, it still provides you a warning, that you must do something now. For a long time, since this unit was installed, you haven’t spent money for its maintenance. But, keeping things that way, is not the best attitude. You need to have a regular check up and spend a fortune, to make your AC last longer.  While if you ignore these things, you may not spend for maintenance, but, once your unit is damaged, it’s done and you may need to buy a new AC.

How to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Plumbing services aren’t cheap. Hence, you must maintain your plumbing system properly before you dial and call your local plumber. Some homeowners experience plumbing problems over and over again. Here’s what you can do in order to avoid these common plumbing problems.

  1.    Do not pour grease into the drain

When you are washing the dishes, make it a habit not to pour any kitchen grease into the drain because once it cools up and hardens, it can block the drain and cause clogging. Unblocking a clogged drain is rather costly.

According to a plumber expert, you throw any kitchen grease into the regular garbage can instead. Gather all in an empty juice carton before you start washing the dishes to avoid the temptation of pouring it down the drain.

  1.     Invest in a drain screen

You can avoid as much plumbing problems if you invest in a drain screen. The good thing is that it’s very affordable, especially ones that are made out of plastic. A drain screen will stop the food particles, jewelry, and other items that might go down the drain and cause clogging. You can place it over the built-in drain in your sink and bathroom. In that way, it’ll be easier for you to remove the debris before it can burn a hole in your pocket for clogged drain plumbing repair.

  1.    Do the baking soda treatment every month

There are drain cleaners that you can find in the market but what could be one of the most effective ways to clean your drain is the baking soda treatment. You can sprinkle at least ¼ cup of baking soda into the tub drain and pour warm water afterward. In that way, the powder will get through the drain properly. After that, you can pour at least one cup of vinegar. Let the vinegar dissolve any bacteria that are threatening to clog your drain overnight then you can flush it all down with warm water again.

The baking soda treatment is not only cheap, but it cannot damage your plumbing fixtures in the process.

  •    Stop crank-shutting the faucet handles

When shutting the faucet, make sure that you don’t tighten it any more than what is necessary. In that way, you can prevent it from leaking. As soon as the water stops, let go of the faucet handles.

Most homeowners are not aware that by crank-shutting the faucet handles, it can cause leaks. The washers will easily wear out and it will also produce leaks if neglected. Leaky faucets are one of the most common drain problems that every homeowner faces.

Now that you know how to prevent any plumbing problems from arising, make sure that you take care of your plumbing system properly from now on. A severe plumbing problem is sometimes caused by neglecting and improper usage of the drains and sinks. Follow the aforementioned tips above and rest assured that your plumber won’t need to visit your house in a couple of months or so, allowing you to save a lot of money in the process.

What are the different types of plumbing services plumbers offer?

There are different kinds of services plumbers offer. Some of those are common to our ears, but some are not. In this article, we will be showcasing the different types of plumbing services plumbers offer to the industry. One of the main services we know plumbers bid is leak repair. Water leaks can result to high water bills and some draining and cleaning concerns. If these problems arise, we always want to make sure that it has to be fixed right away.


According to Singapore’s Groff Plumbing, plumbers are well-trained to perform comprehensive range of leaking issues and this job is really the easiest for them. Gutter washing or drain cleaning is another common service plumbers do. Part of the house that is more prone to clog is the kitchen and bathroom area. We have been using them in our daily life routine and it should be cleaned properly to get rid of any trash or grunge to block the passage of water. If the kitchen or bathroom is obstructed with leftovers or anything that may block its pipe, it would be difficult for us to continue what we have been doing because water may stack and overflow.


Toilet repairs are one common problem plumbers are expert with. The toilet problems most plumbers encounter are toilet overflows, trouble with flushing, and clogging. Out of familiarity, plumbers also fix garbage disposal system. This problem happens when your garbage disposal mess up and creates a leak resulting to produce unnecessary noise and terrible smell. With this, you don’t want the whole house to smell like hell and could start an argument within the neighbourhood. Professional plumbers also offer water heater facility and services.


 This is common to hotels, condominium units and other buildings offering stay-cation to tourists and to some homes that opt to have hot showers. Best plumbing service in Singapore are skilful with is fixing sewer problems. This plumbing problem can be general to deal with. When you are experiencing slow draining process, abdicable noise and disgusting smell, this indicates that you should hire a professional plumber to diagnose the problem.


Plumbers identify first what the problem is and then proceed with the expenditure calculation to show how much it can cost you the repair. Most plumbers use high-powered equipment to clean and unclog pipes. Equipment with high pressured gust of water can easily wash away anything that blocks drainage or pipes. This tool is very important for plumbers as it can make their work light and easy. Plumbers also work in an uncommon field that is considered hazardous because they handle gases and other mechanical services. Some of them have a broad scope of work while some have their own specialty. If you have some trouble at home, in the office or in your establishment with regards to one of those things mentioned above, you have to immediately call the attention of a professional plumber so it can be diagnosed as soon as possible.


Differentiating Standard Aircon Servicing And Aircon Overhaul

Often times we heard the confusion of aircon owners about the standard aircon services versus aircon overhaul and we take our initiative to clarify these things for our valued audience and customers. Here are the questions that will be answered by aircon services from billy in this article:

What is the standard aircon servicing and how it differs with the service that we call aircon overhaul?

How often can you ask for these services for your aircon unit?

What are the expected results when you have these services?

To start with, below are our clarification on this issues, so check them out!

The Standard Aircon Servicing

The standard aircon servicing a.k.a the general services for aircon unit involves the regular cleaning and washing of the aircon unit. This is usually carried out as maintenance for an aircon unit which will take care of the unit so it can function at its best performance. Aircon owners are normally advised to have it on regular basis. For home usage, it needs to have a standard aircon service after and every three months of use while for commercial usage, we recommend having it every month to extend or prolong the lifespan of their air conditioner. It will also make the system’s cooling efficiency better with less power usage so by the end of the month, bills won’t be an added burden to the owner. With standard air conditioner services, leaks and early signs of aircon problems are being avoided so you can be assured that with regular standard aircon services, the aircon unit will be safe to use or will not cause any accident that could damage valuable properties.

The Aircon Overhaul

With aircon system at home, we can’t always assure that it is in good condition. Air conditioners are same with other home appliances and gadgets that we buy, they are all subject to worn out and damage over time. The only thing we can do is to take care of it properly by keeping it tidy and clean always but if the aircon unit is already old, we knew that there are certain problems that started to bother us like unpleasant odor, grime, and stubborn dirt from inaccessible portion or component part of the unit. With that, you need the aircon overhaul service.

This service may include dismantling of the parts of the air conditioner to thoroughly clean and troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes it also needs some pumping on the refrigerant and vacuuming to remove the contaminants. Sometimes the use of chemicals is being applied depending on the need of the aircon, but for normal cases, we will use only water. If the clogged is in bad state that is the time we will do chemical overhaul for the unit since this service is bit costly and will take time

The chemical overhaul, unlike the normal aircon overhaul, will also need a higher level of skill and experience person as it involves removing the coil unit, disassembling and putting it back together. For stubborn grime, dirt and build-up fungi on the unit, the chemical washing is done, usually; it is four to five times more costly than standard aircon servicing. If the issues of the aircon unit involve uncool air, ice formation, serious drips, and leaks, we recommend this service. Sometimes the need for a replacement for some electrical and mechanical parts of the aircon unit is needed. For other air conditioning services like aircon installation, you can also ask the airconditioning company or agency for more aircon review.

3 Vital Tips to find you an electrician

If you think about how much you need your electricity for you to work, live, and enjoy the luxury of your appliances and gadgets, you will realize how important it is for you and your family to live in comfort and convenience. Now, you are to know the three vital tips for you to find a local electrician whom you can trust your investment as well as your safety.

  1.       The very first thing that you must bear in mind is that you must hire an electrician that is both licensed and insured. You may just find a lot of them available for cheaper charge yet this time you will compromise the quality of service as well as the safety results of their work. Great help for you to find one is for you to have them checked online where you can find a lot of listed licensed contractors. More and more states are now having their database of contractors in electrical field so for you to instantly know who’s the electrician to hire and whom to trust in your designated areas. Another important matter is the minimum amount of their insurance and if they are in complete compliance with the law.
  2.       The next best step for you to find a trustworthy electrician in SIngapore is through referrals. Asking for references is the easiest way possible for you to do. Those who used to work for your friends and another family members with proven work quality, so all you need to do is to ask for their experiences through brief interview of whom they have been conducted services with. You must not just consider anyone that has been referred to you right away; you still would need to have them checked if they are also licensed so the best referral you can consider is with the agencies or someone who works for electrician agencies.
  3.       Last, yet the best thing that could help you is through contacting the better business bureau, and they will give you details regarding with the electrician that you would want to hire. They keep records of complaints about a certain contractor so you would know if that electrician you are eyeing to hire has either satisfying service or had been reported for so many complaints from their clients.

These are just exactly the three vital tips for you to follow in case you need an electrician badly no matter how minor the work is. This is for you never to regret paying for a service that is not so satisfying knowing that electricity is quite a sensitive task to do. Hope you can find the best and trusted an electrician to hire soon. Just follow the said vital steps and see the difference if you are to hire someone that is either overrated or unlicensed. Do not wait for anything to happen yet before you regret hiring someone that will set your investments at risk.

Where and How To Get A Good Aircon Company

When it comes to our homes, we want our environment to be cool, clean and fresh air so that we can relax comfortably. But since Singapore have fickle climate the need to have AC at home is essential to feel comfortable but having one is a real investment that is why you take precious time in decision making when it comes to buying and as well as on installing it in your home. Whatever brand you think is best for you, the next to that is picking the good aircon company that will take care of the AC installation. To help you out, below are few helpful tips on how you can get the good aircon company in Singapore.

 Effective Ways you can get a good aircon company in Singapore:


  • Reference This is the number on that you must check out first, who knows someone from your family has contact with the good aircon company, a company they had already tested the quality of work and the type of services they offered so no need for you to go out further. This way you can save your time and effort in sifting out aircon company.
  • Directories A good aircon company also has a telephone line so, get the directory book and start browsing the pages. You will find many companies listed in the directory; then you can call them and check out their services.
  • Online Most aircon Company nowadays already have their website, and with the help of the internet, you can find the good aircon company to do the job.
  • Vicinity Or maybe, you don’t need any of those above since you have seen one in your vicinity. This is good if there is an aircon company near you since assessing their services and fee is very accessible and easy.


  1. Qualities To Consider:
  • Services Offered

The best aircon company to hire in Singapore is the company that offers everything you need in an aircon company from the installation to repair. This is a prudent way to ensure that you will only do the searching job once.

  • Performance

In any job, especially if you are the boss, you want to hire the person who can deliver the best work because getting otherwise is a risk that it will not be done properly and so you might end spending more on fixing the installation or repairing the job of the first one you hired. A good aircon company will not only serve you in all types of air conditioning services, but they will also deliver a guaranteed job all the time. For you to know if they are the best when it comes to the performance job, they must be versatile and knows how to handle different brands of air con. Not only that, they must not deal with substandard products because those are of little qualities and tend to give a lot of troubles later.

  • Reliable and Professional

At the early stage of searching when you ask questions to the technician, you can already tell if he is an expert in this field when he can answer the curious questions you will throw on them. That is one factor in you must observe in hiring an aircon company. Also, check out the training certificate if they have, license and whatever pieces of the document they have accumulated in regards to their service. Most aircon company who are good at their service already have award, certificate or training accompanied with their length of service.

If you follow all that tips in getting a good aircon company, you will save time, money and effort later while you enjoy the perfect atmosphere at home with the good installation of your aircon appliances.



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Do you…
____ Sometimes feel scared of how your partner will act?
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____ Believe that you can help your partner change if only you changed something about yourself?
____ Try not to do anything that would cause conflict or make your partner angry?
____ Always do what your partner wants you to do instead of what you want?
____ Stay with you partner because you are afraid of what your partner would do if you broke-up?
If any of these are happening in your relationship, talk to someone. Without some help, the abuse will continue.